TRANSPORTATION is the process of a huge role in the functioning of our company. Purpose of this process is to transfer products from one country to another by road, air, wail or rail transport.


Optimal logistics scheme

We choose the optimal logistics scheme for each client. Thanks to this, we minimize the risk related to import and export, and individualize the course of logistics processes in full compliance with the expectations of customers.


Responsible transport

We are responsible for legal and organizational transport safety. We guarantee a safe transport process, which we carefully supervise, tracking the coherence of the entire supply chain.


Affordable and fast weekly deliveries

We organize affordable and fast weekly deliveries based on various conditions. We know well how important the delivery time and its financial aspect are for entrepreneurs. We always try to find solutions that will be not only acceptable, but above all optimal for our partners. We operate based on the following international trade rules:

  • FCA („Free Carrier”)
  • DAP („Delivered At Point”)
  • DAT („Delivered At Terminal”)
  • EXW („Ex Works”)

Set of necessary documents for a customs expert

We provide a set of necessary documents for a customs expert. It can certainly be stated how important it is that in the customs office each document meets the requirements and is made in accordance with all standards. Examples of documents provided to a customs expert are:

  • bill of lading,
  • waybill,
  • international CMR consignment note,
  • cargo manifest,
  • freight document,
  • notice of arrival of goods.


Proper preparation of goods for shipment

We control fully the correctness of goods preparation for shipment. Meticulous verification of every of its stages is an important part of the entire quality delivery process. Proper and reliable documentation is possible thanks to specialist knowledge. Its formal correctness is guaranteed by our practical experience in the area of import/export. The required documents include:


  • evidence of origin,
  • customs declaration,
  • certificate of inspection and inspection,
  • customs account,
  • dangerous goods declaration,
  • sanitary and phytosanitary certificates,
  • medical and veterinary certificate,
  • certificate of quality.